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Sales Alerts

Setting up Alerts

  1. Click on the Admin tools tab.
  2. Then, click on the drop-down menu for settings.
  3. Click on Sales Alerts.
  4. Enter your Phone number or E-mail Address in the 1st Alert by toggling the Text or Email button and select the carrier.
  5. Optional: Enter a second Phone number or email address in the 2nd Alert and select the carrier.
  6. Toggle the alerts on or off and enter the alert times for when you want the alerts to be sent to your phone or email.
  7. Optional: Toggle the Yellow, green light alerts on and the store open, deleted items alerts if necessary.
  8. Optional: Enter the maximum cash in register alert amount 
  9. Optional: You can test the alerts by clicking on the test alert button.
  10. Click save when done.

Made using CellSmart POS Version by Author F.K Published on 08/22/2016

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