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The Settings dropdown menu consists of many different settings within the software. The settings tab is your one stop to all the settings you may want to access. Settings consist of Email settings, Light settings, Manager role settings, Pass Due settings, Plan management settings, Printer settings, Repair management settings, Sales Alerts, Spiff settings, Store Policy settings, Tax Settings, and General settings. 


Email Settings

Email Settings allow you to set up five different email addresses that are used for Reports and Batch out report purposes. 

Light settings 

CellSmart POS has a light system built in to keep you on track and on top of your sales. The red light indicates that you're in the minus mode and you need to make more sales, the Yellow light indicates that you are breaking even ( sales matching expenses), and Green light indicates that you're in the Profit mode.

 Light settings allow you to add expenses in the software and setup your Green Light amount ( Sale profit goal for the day). You can enter your green light amount and the days you open your store and the software will calculate the Daily green light amount for you. Click here to set up your light system.

Manage Roles

The Manager role settings allow you to categorize users into Admin, Manager or a user. These are categories that are already existing in CellSmart POS and their roles can't be changed. However, you can create your own rights templates to categorize your users. You can setup each user and assign a role to them, and allow them to have different rights within the software.  Each user can have different rights in the software. By managing roles and categorizing users into different roles, you can easily restrict or allow users to have access to certain features in the software. Click here to manage roles.

Pass Due Settings

The Pass Due Settings allow you to set a number of days for Repairs, Layaways, Serialized Items, and Used items before they are marked as pass due. Pass due notifies you when a certain repair, layaway, serialized item, or used item remains open or stays in your inventory for a long period. This allows you to be aware of the items that are not being sold or dealt with and keep you up to date. Click here to set pass due settings.

Plan Management 

The Plan Management settings allow you to add a carrier plan to your activations and add any add-ons to those carrier plans. This helps in keeping track of all the activations done in your store with their carrier information. It also provides your customers with a written description of the carrier and add-on they selected during the activation on their receipts. Click here to manage plans.

Printer Settings 

Printer Settings allow you to set up your General printer and your Report or Label printer for the software. You can select your receipt types, the number of receipt copies to print and other important printer settings. 

Repair Management 

Repair management allows you to manage your repair devices, repair issues, repair statuses, and repair types. You can create, edit or delete repair devices that are used when creating repairs, Create  or edit repair issues for each repair device you have, categorize your repairs by repair types. Click here to manage repairs. 
  • Repair Devices are used when creating a repair. These are devices that are being repaired. For example, if a client comes to repair their damaged iPhone 4, you would create a new repair device called iPhone 4 to proceed with the repair ticket. 

Sales Alerts

Sales Alerts allow you to setup different alerts throughout the day to keep you updated on the recent sales details. These alerts are sent to your phone according to the time they were set up. You can set up three different sales alerts using two different contact numbers. You can set up alerts for yellow and green light, when the store opens, when something is deleted from the software, and if amount reaches maximum cash entered in the register. Click here to set up sales alerts.

Spiff Settings 

Spiffs are immediate incentive funds or bonuses that are paid by a manufacturer or an employer to a sales person for selling certain products or services. The Spiff settings allow you enable spiffs on carrier plans and add-ons you created in the software. You can activate or deactivate spiffs based on the plans you have created. Click here to setup spiff.

Store Policy

The Store Policy module allows you to enter all the policies you may want to set for your store. Store policy settings include Sales receipt policies, Store credit policies, Customer finance, Layaway policies, Bonus points, repairs and carrier subsidy policies. 

Tax Settings

Tax Settings allow you to add different taxes in the software so you can select them while doing a transaction. For example, you can setup taxes such as sales tax, 911 tax , state taxes and etc. Click here to set up taxes.

General Settings 

These settings are the basic settings to setup your software. They include business information details, Bill payment integration, alerts printer and tax settings, Batch shift and register settings, login/ security settings repair settings and other important settings. Click here to learn more about general settings. 

Made using CellSmart POS Version by Author F.K Published on 08/19/2016

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