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The Settings module consist of various different settings of the software. The settings module is your one stop to all the settings you may want to access. These settings consist of Printer settings, Store Policy settings, Tax Settings, and General settings.


Printer Settings

Printer Settings allow you to set up your General printer and your Report or Label printer for the software. You can select your receipt types, the number of receipt copies to print and other important printer settings. 

Tax Settings

Tax Settings allow you to add different taxes in the software so you can select them while doing a transaction. For example, you can setup taxes such as sales tax, 911 tax , state taxes and etc. Click here to set up taxes.

Store Policy

The Store Policy module allows you to enter all the policies you may want to set for your store. Store policy settings include Sales receipt policies, Store credit policies, Customer finance, Layaway policies, Bonus points, repairs and carrier subsidy policies. 

General settings 

These settings are the basic settings to setup your software. They include business information details, Bill payment integration, alerts printer and tax settings, Batch shift and register settings, login/ security settings repair settings and other important settings. Click here to learn more about general settings. 

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