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The register is the main component to the point of sale side of CellSmart POS. Here you will be able to start a transaction by adding products to the current invoice. You may also access many other features through the main dashboard such as Help, your CellSmart POS account, update log and quick links.

Battery Icon

The battery icon will tell you how many days you have till your software expires. By clicking on the icon, it will lead you to the CellSmart POS login portal, where you enter your username and password to access and view your account information.

Customer Information

Transactions can have a customer associated with it. Within the search field, you can search for the customer using their name or their phone number. 

Search Product Bar

The Search Product bar allows you to search for and sell items in your inventory, products that you've created, payments that you want to add to your transactions, services and etc. You are able to type in anything in the search product bar and it will return you with items that are related to your search. If the item name you entered is accurate, it will ring-up the exact item from your inventory. If not, then it will present you with a window of related items to your search. Once you select your desired item from the window, it will ring-up that item to sell.

  • Search Product: The Search Product bar allows you to enter an item code, name of a product, service, or any item that you are able to sell.
  • Item Name: The item name shows you the name of the item you selected.
  • Quantity: The quantity is the amount of the items you are selling. i.e if you're selling 2 cases you will change the quantity to 2.
  • Unit Price: The unit Price is the selling price of an item.
  • Ext amount: The ext amount is the total amount of the products that you added. For example, if you are selling a $2 case and later change the quantity to 2, the exit amount will change from $2 to $4.
  • Cost Price: The Cost price is the original price of the item when you purchased it from a vendor.
  • Shopping cart Button: Pressing the shopping cart button will shift your product to the invoice, finalizing it for sale.

Activation Type: The activation type tells you the type of activation you select when selling a phone. For example, you can select from new activation, upgrade phone, port in, or just the phone.

Receipt Note Box

In the receipt note box, you may enter any additional details regarding the sale you make. This will not be printed on any receipt and is only viewable by the user.

Total Box

The total box provides you with a breakdown of the total amount of the sale.

  • Subtotal: the subtotal gives you the amount of the sale excluding any taxes, or discounts.
  • Tax amount: The amount of taxes that were applied to the sale.
  • Grand total: The Grand total is the total amount of the sale including taxes and discounts.
  • Discount: The amount of discounts on the sale.

Due amount

The Due amount tells you the total amount due for checkout. You are able to cancel or check-out any sales that are not finalized through the Dashboard.

Last Transaction

Tells you the amount of the last transaction that was made through the software.

Update Log

By clicking on the software version, the update log will open your browser, and lead you to the CellSmart POS update log where you can view details regarding each update of CellSmart POS.

Log off

The Log off button allows you to log off from the software. To log in back, you may enter your username and password..

Made using CellSmart POS Version by Author F.K Published on 11/25/2016

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