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Home Screen


The Home Screen is where you have the ability to perform any tasks in the software. It's where you should go when you need to make a sale, check your inventory, access settings, generate reports, close your shift or perform any other task in the software. 

Make a sale 

You are able to make a sale through the Home screen by clicking on the Register Sale button. This will lead you to the main Dashboard and allow you to select the products you want to sell from your inventory, check out your customer, print an invoice receipt and perform a complete sale. 


Inventory allows you to create products in the software and create purchases to add those products to the inventory.You may also see a list of the purchases you've made and the products you've created in your inventory. Creating a product will only create the product name and its details in the software, it will not add the product to your inventory. However, creating a purchase will allow you to add products to your inventory and sell them. 


The History module allows you access the list of customers, transactions, products, and purchases that are present in the software.

  • Customers: You are able to go through the list of customers you have saved in your software and view their account information such as transactions, used items you purchased from them, the invoices that are open ,and the payments they have made.
  • Transactions: From the list of Transactions, you are able to view, print, edit, delete and refund transactions.         (Note: You are only able to edit or delete transactions in the current shift.)
  • Purchase: The list of Purchases will allow you to view your purchases and the invoices which include vendor information, and other important details. 
  • Product: From the list of products you can edit, delete, view any product you created in the software. 

Admin Tools

Access the necessary tools to use the software such as the list of your employees, promotions, and the list of unlocks you've made. 

  • Employee list: This will allow you to add, remove employees/users and change their roles in the software.

  • Promotions: You can access the list of the promotions you have sent out, and create new promotions such as plan promotions or  a campaign.

  • Unlocks: You can view your phone unlocks , which are either in-process, completed or have some error.


The Report Center allows you to generate reports that keep track of your business. Employee related reports, Sales reports, profit and loss reports  are just a few of the many reports you can generate.

Sales Check 

Sales check gives you a summary of the revenue, cash spent, tax collected and the payment breakdown of the entire day.  You can select between shift and batch sales to view their individual sales details. This allows you to keep track of the sales that you make and the cash that you spend throughout the day.

Cash Count

The Cash Count feature allows you count the cash you have in your register in a convenient manner. It is recommended that you cash count at least once during your shift. This will allow you to keep track of the cash that you entered/ calculated in the software with the actual dollar amounts you have in your cash register.

Close Shift

The Open/Close Shift feature in CellSmart POS allows you to open and close shifts and record each shift details in the software to keep track. You can open and close shifts as your employees change their shifts throughout the day.

Made using CellSmart POS Version by Author F.K Published on 11/25/2016

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