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Home Screen


The home screen is designed to simplify the software by providing you with easy access to commonly used modules of the software.   


Sales check gives you a summary of the revenue, cash spent, tax collected and the payment breakdown of the entire day.  You can select between shift and batch sales to view their individual sales details. This allows you to keep track of the sales that you make and the cash that you spend throughout the day.

Sales Check

To perform a sales check you may:

  1. Right click anywhere on the screen to open quick links or click on the Sales check option from the Home Screen. 
  2. From the quick links, you may select the Sales check option.
  3. Select the Shift or Batch sale tab from the sales check window.
  4. Select between revenue, cash spent, payment breakdown, or tax collected categories.
  5. Once you select a category, its details will be presented on the right.
  6. You  may click on the details listed in the box to view a detailed report.

Open Drawer

The Open drawer quick link allows you to open your drawer at any given time. This is convenient when you need to perform a cash count and match the dollar amounts to your sales.

Opening your cash drawer

  1. Click on the Open drawer option from the Home screen or Right click anywhere on the screen to access quick links.
  2. From the quick links, you may select the Open Drawer option.
  3. As soon as you click open drawer, your drawer will open and a receipt will be printed out.

Print Last Receipt 

The Last receipt will print out the last transaction receipt that was printed. This option allows you to easily re-print another receipt if for some reason the first receipt was unsatisfactory.

Reprinting a receipt

Note: Make sure your printer is connected to your computer and working properly.
  1.  Click on the Print Last receipt option from the home screen or Right click anywhere to access quick links.
  2. From the options given, click on the print last receipt option.
  3. The last receipt will instantly be printed out.

Close Shift

The close shift quick link allows you to quickly close your shift and 
  1. Click on Home button.
  2. Then Click on the close shift icon .
  3. Do your cash count for the day.
  4. Under leaving cash, type the amount of cash you will take out of the register.
  5. Once your manual count is equal to the system count and you are good to go, click on close register.


Day End

The Day end quick link allows you to perform a batch out. Performing a batch out is required before you close your store and open it the next day. The day end makes sure all shifts are closed and all employees are clocked out and it provides you with a detailed sales summary of the day. 

To Batch out/ Day end

  1. Click on the Day end option from the home screen or right click anywhere and click on the Day end quick link.
  2. Close all open shifts by selecting each shift and clicking on the register close option.
  3. Select the user and enter the user password.
  4. Enter the leaving cash.
  5. Enter the manual count by counting the money you have in the register excluding the starting cash.
  6. If you cash is not over or short, the software will tell you that you're good to go!, if you're short or over that software will notify you and the short or over amount will be shown in the Variance field.
  7. The money you counted will be shown in the bottom right corner of the window.
  8. Once you're done performing a cash count, you may click on the Close Register button.
  9. The shift details will be printed and the register will be closed.
  10. Once you're done closing all the open registers, you may click on the Day End button at the lower button of the window.
  11. The batch report details will be printed out and the batch will be closed.

Register Sale

The register is the main component of the point of sale side of CellSmart POS. Here you will be able to start a transaction by adding products to the current invoice. You may also access many other features through the main dashboard such as Help, pending tasks, your CellSmart POS account, update log an

Perform a Sale

  1. In the Item code field, enter the name of the product you're going to sell.
  2. Select the product from the list provided from the product's window.
  3. Click the shopping cart to bring the items to the invoice.
  4. Click on Checkout.
  5. Select payment method in the checkout window.
  6. Click save.


The History quick link provides you with the history of each activity performed in the software. A history of sales, repair tickets, Layaway tickets, quotes,  Inventory  and much more. 

  1. Click on the History quick link from the Home Screen or right click and click on the History quick link.
  2. Select the from the options provided in the history window.
  3. The history module of the option selected will be presented.


CellSmart POS allows you to take repairs and create repair tickets for your customers with necessary info such as IMEI, price, password and etc. You can keep track of how many repairs are done, pending or can't be fixed. Keep track of how long a phone has been waiting for a customer to pick up, send your repairs to a third party, allow your clients to loan a phone while their own is being repaired, store pictures of the damaged devices and store every detail regarding you repair in the Repair's module.

To create a repair ticket you may:

  1. Click on the Repair icon from the Home screen.
  2. Click on the New Repair option.
  3. Click here for more details on creating a repair. 


The Inventory quick link provides you with a variety of options. You can add inventory, manage products, and see the history of your inventory. 

  1. Click on the Inventory option from the Home screen.
  2. Select from the options provided in the inventory window.
  3. The selected module of the option selected will be presented.


The Payment quick link provides you with all the options that are necessary for making a payment. You can make an Epay integration payment, a basic payment and view a list of the payments made. 

  1. Click on the Payment option from the Home Screen
  2. Select from the options provided.
  3. Proceed with the payment.
  4. Click here for more details on E-pay integration payment.
  5. Click here for more details on a basic payment. 


With Layaways, you can allow your customers to put down a deposit on any product and pay little-by-little. When they are done paying fully, they can receive the product. With the Layaway module, you are able to keep track of all payments received from the customers and once they are done paying fully,  you can close the layaway. 

To create a new layaway:

  1. Click on the Layaway option from the Home screen.
  2. Select New Layaway.
  3. Click here for further instructions. 


The Report Center allows you to generate various reports that will allow you to keep track and analyze your sales, inventory, profit and much more. Employee related reports, Sales reports, repair reports, layaway reports are just a few of the many reports that you can generate in CellSmart POS.

To access  the report centre you may:
  1. Click on the Reports options from the Home screen.
  2. Once the report centre is opened, you may select from the list of reports to generate a report.
  3. Click here for more details.

Made using CellSmart POS Version by Author F.K Published on 08/19/2016

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