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Setup Check List


The Setup checklist provides you with a list of things which should be setup correctly before you start selling smart.

Check List
  1. Set up your users and their passwords
  2. Setup Business information
  3. Set up tax rates
  4. Setup Printers
  5. Set your store policies and store licenses 
  6. Setup Carriers for Bill Payments
  7. Understand the register and its functions
  8. Creating products and adding them to your inventory
  9. Open/Close shift and batch out system

Setup your users and their passwords

CellSmart POS is a user based software, which allows you to log-in into the software in order to access its features. You can create many users and their passwords in the software and allow them to log-in when they start their work shift. To set up your users, click here

Setup Business information

By setting up your business information in the software, you allow your customers to know which store they purchase their items, or pay their bill at. It is required information and is necessary in order for your receipt to be generated which you provide to your customers. To set up your business information ,click here

Set up tax rates

Setup your tax rates in the software and enable taxes on each sale or other transactions. This allows the software to keep track of each invoice with its total price including taxes. Click here to setup your tax rates.

Setup Printers

By setting up your printers you are able to print transaction receipts, repair invoices, layaway invoices, labels and other important invoices. For printer setup, click here.

Set your Store policies and Store licenses 

By Setting up store policies you allow your customers to view the store policies you set up in your store. These policies are printed on the invoice receipts that are generated through the software. Policies are printed based on the type of invoice. Click here to setup your store policies.

Setup Carriers for Bill Payments

Carriers are required for Bill payments in CellSmart POS. In order to make a Bill payment customers need to provide their carrier information for the bill payment to be completed in the software. To setup carriers, click here.

Understand the register and its functions

The register is the main component to the point of sale side of CellSmart POS. Here you will be able to start a transaction by adding products to the current invoice. You may also access many other features through the main dashboard such as Help, pending tasks, your CellSmart POS account, update log and much more. Click here for details regarding the register.

Creating products and adding them to your inventory

In CellSmart POS, creating a product is adding the product name in the software. On the other hand, adding items to your inventory is done through purchases. In order to create purchases, you need to have the product names created in the software. By creating the product name first, the software will record which products are being purchased from vendors and stored in the inventory.Otherwise, it won't know which products are being added to the inventory. In conclusion, purchases are dependent on products.

Click here to learn how to create a product.

Click here to learn how to create a purchase.

Open/Close shift and Batch out system

  • The Open/Close Shift feature in CellSmart POS allows you to open and close shifts and record each shift details in the software in order to keep track. You can open and close shifts as your employees change their shifts throughout the day.Click here to learn how to open and close shifts.

  • The Batch out or Day end is a way of telling the software that the store is being closed, all the shifts have been closed  and every user has clocked out. This prepares the software for the next day. When the day end is completed, the software is ready for a new day and starts the next day with a new shift. At the end of batching out, a day end receipt is generated which provides you with the income summary, expenses, and other important details regarding the sales throughout the day. Click here to learn how to Batch out/ Day end. 

Made using CellSmart POS Version by Author F.K Published on 08/19/2016

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