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New Payment

The "New Payment" section will contain your various providers where you may save payments through like ePay or Qpay. Selecting a provider will open the manual Bill Payment entry window. This window will allow you to view previous payments, record a payment and print a receipt for the customer. Unless a payment ID is provided the payments will be placed into your pending payments. You also have the option to add a payment to a running invoice. 

NOTE: Payments are not processed through your payment provider, they are only saved into CellSmart POS. After saving a payment you must  clear your pending payments in order to be sure that all payments are processed.

Saving a Payment 

  1. Within the menu bar go to the Payment and select the desired provider from the "New" section. 
  2. Enter the phone number of the customer. Existing customers will have their information displayed. New customers will be automatically named "Bill Payment Customer". 
  3. Confirm or select the carrier. 
  4. Enter the payment amount. Taxes and fees will be applied depending on that carriers settings within Manage carrier and within the carrier topup product.  
  5. Press checkout.

Saving Payment ID    

When a payment is saved, we mark this payment pending and assume that the payment has not been processed yet. In order to confirm that the payment has been processed you will have to provide the payment ID. This ID can be anything that confirms that the payment was processed by your provider. A transaction ID is always a good choice as the payment ID as it will serve as a reference that is saved in the case that you have to research this payment again in the future. If you are selling a pin number to a customer, the pin number would be a better choice. If there is no such number available, the text also accepts letters so you can enter something like "done" or "confirmed" in order to mark the the payment processed within CellSmart POS.

Using Keytags
Keytag is an ID that can be assigned to one or more customers. This removes the need for the customer to remember their phone number or the phone number of family members or friends they may be paying for. If you enter a keytag that has not been assigned you will have the option to add it to a customer. You may also add a keytag by editing the customer.

Add to invoice
Sometimes you may desire to combine a sale of product with the payment of a bill on the same receipt. You may do this by adding a payment to an invoice. You will have the choice to add it to a current invoice or to create a new one. This also allows you to have one receipt for multiple payments. All you would have to do is add each payment to the same invoice. 

Bill Payment Confirmation Alert*    
After a payment has been paid for, CellSmart POS will send a relay text message to the customers phone number with a confirmation text message. These messages will only be sent for payments over $10. This feature can be turned off at the customer level. There is no extra charge for this feature as it is included with your CellSmart POS subscription

Deleting a Payment
If you have the need to delete a payment, you may do so from the list of payments for the provider you chose.

Customer Notes
The customer notes field can be used to save internal notes. There notes will not be printed on the receipt and will not be visible to the customer.

Spanish Customers
Some customers may perfer or only speak Spanish. By marking the customer as Spanish their Bill payment Confirmation Alert will also be sent in Spanish. This will also affect the customer when using Promotions.

* Bill Payment confirmation alert uses sms relay in order to send the message to the customer. In some cases, the message may be delayed due to network congestion or may be blocked by certain carriers.

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