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ePay Integration


With ePay integration, you gain access to epay's webpos from within CellSmart POS. This allows you to process a payment from the ePay portal while saving the payment in CellSmart POS.

  1. Click on Payment, the first option from the left on the menu bar at the top.
  2. Click on Manage provider icon from the icon menu.
  3. Under provider List, select the  provider from list that you will be using as epay. You may have a provider called epay or one called "Bill Payment". You have the ability to change the name to what you please.
  4. Click on the edit button just above the provider list on the left.
  5. Next to web address, paste the personal link of your certification from your epay portal.
  6. Click on save.

You can confirm that the link has been saved correctly by going back to the Payment Tab and selecting ePay Payments. The ePay Integration window will open and if the correct provider is selected, you will see webpos open within the internal browser. 

Processing a Payment

  1. Log into your ePay webpos.
  2. Enter customer phone number within the phone number text field or the customers loyalty tag in order to retrieve the customer from your customer list.
  3. Confirm that the name and the carrier for the customer are correct.
  4. Enter the amount that will be paid into the Bill Amount text field 
  5. Select the carrier within ePay and process the bill payment
  6. Once the payment has been processed, press "Create CellSmart POS Receipt"
  7. The manual bill payment window will open with pre-filled values. Here you can save the payment and check out the customer
It is important to save the payment within the manual payment window, or else the payment will not save into CellSmart POS.

Payment history
When a payment is made it is saved into the Providers list of payments and marked as done. You can access this by going to Payment tab then select the provider within the list tab. Any payment that has been added 

Multiple Certificates

In order to set up multiple webpos certificates you have to create a provider for each url. You can do this by going to Payment-> Manage Provider -> Plus Button. Enter the name of the website and configure the carriers that will be paid under that provider/ certificate. Once you have your providers ready, you may switch between them within the ePay Integration window by pressing on the gear symbol and changing the provider. You will see the website change to the one that you have selected or it will prompt you to select the correct certificate.

Note: This module is essentially an internal browser with a screen grab of ePay webpos. There is no direct exchange of information from between CellSmart POS and webpos. Any changes made to payments within CellSmart POS will also have to be done within ePay webpos.

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