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A payee is a person to whom money is paid or is to be paid. If your paying a person or a company for their service they are considered as payees. For example, when you're paying the electricity bill for your store you are paying the bill to your Electricity provider like Con Edison. Therefore, Con Edison will be your payee. Similarly, when entering expenses in the software you are required to enter a payee name so the software knows to whom the money is being paid to.

NOTE: In some cases, you will be asked to select a payee when adding cash or withdrawing cash from the register. In this case, the software is asking for the person whom the money is being paid to or being received from. 

Creating a Payee

  1. Within the menu bar,click on the new tab.
  2. Then click on the Payee icon.
  3. Enter the payee name. ( e.g Con Edison, window cleaning guy etc)
  4. Click save and the payee will be created.

Payee Notes

The customer notes field can be used to save internal notes. There notes will not be printed on the receipt and will not be visible to the customer.  

How to Create a Payee

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