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Used Items


CellSmart POS allows you to purchase Used items/products and sell them within the software. With the Used items feature, you can purchase any item from anyone and sell it in your store. Each used item contains its own unique cost price. a selling price and a used item code. The used item code is assigned to the item so it can be sold. 

Purchasing used items 
  1. First, click on the New tab. Then click on the Used item icon from the icon menu.  
  2. Enter the name of the client you're purchasing the used item from in the Name field.
  3. The name of the client will appear in the name field.
  4. If the client does not exist the software will ask you to create a new client, click OK and create the client.
  5. Enter the Item code/name of the product you are purchasing in the item code field.  
  6. Select the product from the list of products within the product window. (if the product does not exist the software will notify you, and give you the option to create a new product)  
  7. Enter the IMEI number of the item if it's a serialized product( product containing a unique serial number. e.g phones, tablets)
  8. Enter the cost of the item in the cost paid field.
  9. Enter the selling price of the item. ( How much you'll be selling the item for)
  10. Click the shopping cart icon to add the product.
  11. Repeat steps 7-11 to add more used products to purchase.
  12. Click checkout.
  13. Enter the payment information in the payment out window. The payout window will give you three options:
    • Previous amount: By selecting the previous amount, the balance will not be deducted from the register and will be calculated as a previous transaction.
    • Register amount: You may select this option if you're paying from your register. The balance will be deducted from the register after the purchase has been complete.
    • Terms amount: You may select this option if you want to save the  purchase amount towards the vendor. You may review a vendor's term amount by going to the list of vendors.
  14. Click save.

A used item code is assigned to each used item so the item can be sold. The used item codes are also printed on each used item label so it's easier to sell the product by  simply scanning the barcode. 

Selling used items

  1. If you have the used code of the used item that you are selling, you may enter that in the item code field in the main dashboard. If not, then you may follow these steps:
  • Click on the list tab from the menu bar.
  •  Click on the used item.
  • Search for the product you are selling be entering the name of the product in the search field.
  • Select your product and click on the sell button located above the search field.
  • Your product will be transferred to the main dashboard and you may click on the shopping cart button to add it to the invoice. 
2. Click checkout

3. Select your payment method and Click save.

Trade In

Trade in allows your customer to trade an item for the amount that he needs to pay. In other words, if he/she doesn't have the required amount of cash, you can allow them to trade in another item that is equal to the cost of their total balance so that they can still pay the due amount without paying cash. The trade in payment method appears during checking out your customer and the customer name is required in order to select trade in as your payment method.

Customer Notes

The customer notes field can be used to save internal notes. These notes will not be printed on the receipt and will not be visible to the customer.  

Description Box

Details regarding the purchase or the products that are being purchased can be entered in the description box.

Add Customer's State ID

You can add a customer's state ID information by clicking on the add customer ID option and  uploading an image of the ID from your computer.

Add Customer's Image

You can add a customer's image by clicking on the add customers image option and uploading an image of your customer through your computer. 

How to buy a used item: 

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