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From the List of Vendor you can view, edit and delete your vendors. You can also create a new vendor through the List tab by clicking on the Blue Plus icon. 

Viewing  a Vendor
  1. Click on the List tab.
  2. Then, click on the Vendor icon.
  3. Select the vendor from the list of vendors.
              Payment out: Pay the remain balance that is due to your vendor by clicking on the payment out tab, then selecting the invoice you are paying for from the list and click save when done.

               Statement: View a statement of the list of invoices regarding a vendor.

Tabs within the window:

            Transactions: View a list of the transactions related to the vendor.

            Open invoices: View a list of the open invoices that are related to the vendor.

            Payments: View a list of payments that are associated with the vendor.

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