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Follow ups


The follow-up feature in CellSmart POS is designed for you to do follow ups with your customers after they come to your store. You can view the customer's last transaction and follow up with them accordingly and save all the details regarding the follow-up in the follow-up module.This allows you to keep track of your customers and encourage repeat business. 

To do follow-ups you may:
  1. Click on the Extras tab.
  2. then, click on the follow-up icon.
  3. Select your customer from the list of the follow-up customers provided.
  4. Open the recent transactions of the customer by clicking on the eye icon.
  5. Enter the customer response in the box.
  6.  Change the call status to called already by checking its box if the customer answered your call.
  7. Once you're done making changes you may click save.

Made using CellSmart POS Version by Author F.K Published on 08/13/2016

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