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Inventory Count


Count your inventory through the inventory count feature in Cellsmart POS. This module will contain all the products in your inventory, and you can count each item in your inventory by scanning it and the software will tell you if the count is perfect, or if there are any products missing. 

Counting Inventory 

  1. Click on the Inventory tab.
  2. Then, click on the Inventory count icon.
  3. Click on the green plus icon located at the bottom right corner.
  4. Select which categories you want to count the inventory from.
  5. Then, you may select the sub-category of the category ( sub categories are the categories that you create) if you want to count a specific sub category. You can also count the main category.
  6. When done, click on the start count button.
  7. The Balance column tells you the amount of items you have in your inventory, and the Count column tells you how much you will count.
  8. The Difference column will tell you the the difference in the Balance amount and the count amount.
  9. Serialized items can be scanned using their serial number, or can be entered( the amount) manually in the count field.
  10. Similarly, itemized items can be scanned using barcodes, or can be entered manually( the amount) in the count field.
  11. Click Save.
  12. The devices that are not found will automatically fall into the missed box, which tells you that such items are missing from the inventory at the end.
  13. You can make sure by re-scanning or re-entering those devices at the end.

Made using CellSmart POS Version by Author F.K Published on 08/3/2016

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