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How to create a New Layaway Ticket

1.       Click on new from the menu bar at the top.
2.       Click on layaway icon from the icon menu.
3.       Put in the Name of the customer in the Box under customer information and press enter.
4.       If the customer doesn’t exist you can create one as you proceed.
5.       Under item code type in the name of the phone and press enter.
6.       If the phone you enter doesn’t exist you can add it as you proceed.
7.       Click on the shopping cart Icon in green to add it to the item list.
8.       In the payment section under pay now set the amount the customer is paying.
9.       Click on check out.

 If a customer wants to purchase any item from your store, but cannot pay at once, you can have the item put on layaway for them, i.e. they will pay you at times when they can, and once you receive the total sale value of the item, you can deliver it to the customer.




Made using CellSmart POS Version 3.0.1 by Author A.G  Published on 05/23 /2015

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