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How to install your receipt printer drivers

Epson TM-T88IV

  1. If you have never installed the drivers for the epson printer before, it can be downloaded here.
  2. Once downloaded, run "APD_455dE".
  3. If the drivers are in a zip file, unzip it then run "ADP_455dE".
  4. Once the installation has opened, Press Next.
  5. Read the license agreement carefully then accept the terms of the license agreement.
  6. Press Next.
  7. Under Setup Type, click on Standard install type.
  8. Press Next.
  9. Click Add on the right side.
  10. Next to Select driver, click on the drop down and select "EPSON TM-T88IV Receipt."
  11. Next to Port Type, click on the drop down and select "Create a USB port."
  12. Press Next.
  13. Press Next again.
  14. Review the settings to make sure it is the correct settings and press Next.
  15. The drivers will now install, please wait a few minutes.
  16. Once the driver has successfully installed, press Finish.
  17. Now plug in the receipt printer and test print to make sure it works.

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