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How to Delete a User

        Go to Admin Tools.

        Then click on Employee List (second from left).

        Select the user you want to delete and click on the dustbin sign (right next to the pencil sign).

        It will ask for confirmation. Click OK to delete the employee.

        A Red line will show the deleted employee (user).

        If you want to undelete it.

        Please check the box “Show deleted employee”.

        Select the user.

        Then click on the undelete button right next to the pencil sign.

        Click OK. The Employee (user) will be back in the list.


You should have the rights to delete the employee if you don't have the rights contact your administrator.

You can't delete the account you're logged in with.





Made using CellSmart POS Version 3.0.1 by Author A.G  Published on 02/11/2015

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