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How to create a Commission Template

A commission system is always helpful for any store to boost the sales and business in general, the reason to that is a motivated group of employees, who will try to make more and more sales for their own rightful commission, hence a healthy competition between the bunches eventually boosts up the sales at the store.


1.    Click on admin tools from the menu bar at the top.

2.    Click on commission icon from the icon menu.

3.    Click on plus button at the bottom. A pop up window will open up.

4.    Under template name, type in the name of the commission template you wish to create, in available after, type in the amount of days the commission is ready to pick.

5.    Click on save.

6.    Once the template is created select the template and then click on the edit commission.

7.    From the left menu select the right category or product you want to apply commission on 

.8.    On the right side of window from the drop down select the proper type of commission for the template.

9.    Enter the range and then enter the appropriate percentage, quantity or amount.

10.  Click on the ADD button in blue to add the commission for that particular product or category .

11.  Click on save.








Made using CellSmart POS Version 3.0.1 by Author A.G  Published on 02/11/2015


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