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How to Adjust Inventory


The Inventory adjustment module allows you adjust the items you have in your inventory. This is

only used when there's a mistake in the inventory count and your products are more than what

you have in your inventory.You are able to see your product's name, price, average cost, balance

in inventory and the actual amount. You are only able to adjust the actual quantity of the item from

the actual quantity column.

How to perform Inventory adjustment

∙ Click on the Inventory tab from the menu bar at the top.

∙ Click on the inventory adjustment from the icon menu.

∙ Once the Inventory adjustment window opens up enter the actual quantity of the products

you have in your inventory in the actual quantity field.

∙ Once your done entering the actual amounts you may click save.


 Made using CellSmart POS Version 3.0.1 by Author A.G  Published on 02/11/2015

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