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How to make a sale with cellsmartPOS

1.       Under customer information section on the main register/dashboard window type the name of the customer.

2.       On the main register/dashboard window, type in the item code/name of the item in the item code  box.

3.       For phones, you can scan/enter the IMEI number and you can select depending on the type of sale,  weather it is a new activation, upgrade, or just the phone

4.       Click on the shopping cart button in green to add the sale to the item list.

5.       Click on Checkout and a checkout window will pop-up.

6.       Select the method of payment.

7.       Click on save and the receipt for the customer will be generated.


You can give your customers a discount from the register/dashboard window, the option of waving off the taxes during the sale and you can also make multiple transactions at the same time, by putting a transaction on hold.



Made using CellsmartPos Version 3.0.1 by Author A.G  Published on 02/11/2015

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