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Sales & Events Alerts setup (Text-Email)

  1. Click on admin tools from the menu bar at the top.
  2. Click on the pointer under the settings icon from the icon menu.
  3. Click on sales alerts.
  4. Select the medium through which you wish to receive the alerts. (Text or Email)
  5. Select the type of alert desired (text or email)
  6. If you select Text you will need to identify the carrier.
  7. If you select Email please provide a valid email address.
  8. Turn on the  desired time alerts (there are three available)
  9. You can also add the alert if the cash in Register is more than: $xx.xx
  10. Proceed to turn on the desired events alerts.
  11. Click on save.

You can setup two type of alerts

Time alerts:  Text or Email that will notify you during the day. 

Events alerts:Text or Email notifications when certain actions occur (lights changes, store Opened at,         Transaction deleted)


Made using CellSmart POS Version 3.0.1 by Author A.G  Published on 02/11 /2015

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