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Version Release Notes


New Features:

  • Added a new Employee List permission that will restrict the ability to reprint receipts from the Billpayment and Transaction modules. Users with this setting disabled will now be required to enter a password of a user with the setting enabled.

  • Added functionality to check an IMEI number within the Used Items module to determine if a device is blacklisted or not.


Bug Fixes:

  • Added a label to the “Note” tab within the Billpayment module.

  • Hid the “Connections List” tab from the Settings module.

  • Resolved a problem where viewing serialized inventory under the Inventory module would reset the multi-store selection.

  • Resolved a problem where a voided commission would appear on the Employee Commission report.

Feature Improvements:

  • Hid the “Print Merchant Copy on Debit Transaction” line within Credit Card settings when the PayFac option is selected.

  • Adjusted the functionality of the Check IMEI feature where it now makes an API call on the back end instead of the client software.

  • Adjusted the core functionality of the Check IMEI feature to where it is more easily updated on the back end.

  • Added a pop-up box on the checkout screen when a new payment method is selected.

We release updates to add feature requests, patch emergency hotfixes, make changes, and fix major bug issues. If anyone in your business/organization believes that there are issues or has suggestions that they believe are necessary, please give us a call at 347-391-2600. Not everything that our customers report to us are actual issue, and we are glad to show you how to use features properly. We are also glad to take down issues if they are critical!

Update Release Date: 03/19/2024

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