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Version Release Notes


New Features:

  • Added framework to support automated messaging based on license/registration status.

Bug Fixes:

  • Resolved discrepancy between the Batch Pickup module and Batch Pickup Report calculating their values differently.

  • Resolved problem where the Transactions module was automatically defaulting to the third page instead of the first causing transactions not to display properly.

  • Resolved problem where users were unable to add comments under the Task Status tab when working on a Repair.  

We release updates to add feature requests, patch emergency hotfixes, make changes, and fix major bug issues. If anyone in your business/organization believes that there are issues or has suggestions that they believe are necessary, please give us a call at 347-391-2600. Not everything that our customers report to us are actual issue, and we are glad to show you how to use features properly. We are also glad to take down issues if they are critical!

Update Release Date: 01/19/2024

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