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Version Release Notes


New Features:

  • Added a new User Access Setting that disables the ability to manually edit the “Manual Count” box upon shift close. If this setting is disabled, a user will be required to enter the count via the Cash Count option.

    • Permission is named: “Edit Manual Count”

  • Added functionality allowing users to refund products on the “Used Items” list.

    • To refund a Used Item, navigate to the Customers module, select the desired customer, select the “Create RMA” button, add the product by using the Used Item product code, and complete the transaction.

Bug Fixes:

  • Resolved the problem where marking a serialized item as sold would not decrease the stock quantity for that item category.

  • Resolved the problem where the “Terms Amount” and “Purchase Returns” were not showing correct values in the Vendors module.

  • Removed the “Next” and “Previous” buttons that were not functioning in the Customers module.

  • Resolved the problem where the discount option would appear when performing a return for select items.

  • Removed the “Chat” button under the “Extras” tab that did not have functionality.

  • Removed the location prompt when an Item/Vendor/Category/etc. Has been added to a store with only one location.

  • Resolved the problem where the “Print Receipt on Receive Payment“ setting was being overlapped in the General Settings Module.

  • Removed the “Woo Product” column from the Products module.

  • Removed the “WooCommerce Settings” option from the Integration tab within the General Settings module.

  • Resolved the problem when importing products where all items would be defaulted to the Cost Rate regardless of the mapping.

Feature Improvements:

  • Adjusted the item search functionality in the register module to sort by most sold instead of alphabetical.

  • Updated the option “Have Dymo” to “Have Label Printer” in the Printer Settings module.

  • Added Support for the Zebra ZD411 Label Printer.

  • Added password protection to the “Credit Card” tab in the “Settings” Module.

  • Updated the option “Select Dymo Label Size” to “Select Label Size” in the Printer Settings module.

  • Updated the wording on the pop-up box when assigning a user to a repair: “Select the user you want to assign this repair to:”.

  • Updated the categories selected filter box in the Products module to space the text properly.

  • Added the product name to the Purchase History “Review” pop-up in the purchases module.

  • Removed the ability to view the status bar and number of days left on a user’s registration.

We release updates to add feature requests, patch emergency hotfixes, make changes, and fix major bug issues. If anyone in your business/organization believes that there are issues or has suggestions that they believe are necessary, please give us a call at 347-391-2600. Not everything that our customers report to us are actual issue, and we are glad to show you how to use features properly. We are also glad to take down issues if they are critical!

Update Release Date: 01/17/2024

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