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Version Release Notes


New Features:

  • The commission is now per transaction base and also monthly.
  • The layaway report now shows the product name.
  • Print IMEI on receipt will hide IMEI on purchase receipt as well.
  • The invoice now supports the shipping address of the customer.
  • ePay chromium is added now.
  • Payment out now supports custom payment methods.
  • Multiple reports have been added to the portal.
  • Used items will now behave the same as serialized inventory in layaway.
  • Show the same serialized inventory as one item on the receipt is now supported.


  • CC and DC Payment Fee will be counted in the system count from now on.
  • Bill Payment reminder will now send SMS via noreply
  • Vendor Balance calculation improved (Round off value).
  • Bill payment receipts will now show payment method fees.
  • The register name will show correctly after updating the computer name in the operating system.
  • Bill Payment sale label improved now will be Total Sale without Bill Payment.
  • The minimum resolution is now changed to 1024 with a scale of 100%.
  • Dayend speed is slightly improved.
  • Vendor partial payment improved. The user is now restricted on the grid whereas it previously allowed them.
  • Commission will update in run time.
  • RMA serialised cost improved now it will RMA on the same cost price.
  • Repair assigned to improve user can select default assign as well login user.
  • Product list price sorting improved.

Bug Fixes:

  • The state ID in the customer list was not updating issue was fixed.
  • The restocking role improved it will now show in the prompt.
  • Used item receipt not showing in preview issue resolved.
  • The spelling mistake on the repair receipt is fixed.
  • Label fixed in the available serialised inventory report.
  • The customer account balance statement issue now working correctly.
  • Value duplicating in endday receipt issue fixed.
  • Commission not calculating on first go issue resolved.
  • A decimal issue in included tax products improved.
  • Bill payment rate issue resolved.
  • Manage category GUI issue resolved.
  • Inventory count not adding issue resolved.
  • Repair clone not removing tax amount issue resolved.
  • The discount limitation is now working correctly.
  • The purchase Transfer message will now show the correct message.
  • The customer Address was not disabling issue was fixed.

We release updates to add feature requests, patch emergency hotfixes, make changes, and fix major bug issues. If anyone in your business/organization believes that there are issues or has suggestions that they believe are necessary, please give us a call at 347-391-2600. Not everything that our customers report to us are actual issues, and we are glad to show you how to use features properly. We are also glad to take down issues if they are critical!

Update Release Date @ 11-15-2022 15:22

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