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Version Release Notes


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  • 3915 – End day system is added in CSP Basic
  • 3867 – Serialized note added in Serialized inventory
  • 3899 – Bill Payment sending status will be shown in End Day report
  • 3929 – Refresh button is added in repair issue.
  • 3885 - Option added to enable/disable barcode on repair label
  • 3909 – New ACL is added “Forced Clock In On Sale”
  • 3847 – Country column is added in Customer Address
  • 3865 – Setting log had been added
  • 3878 - Apply current store cost while receiving transfer option added in settings


  • 3917 – Relative product display improved
  • 3919 – For more clearance of commission Sale is now renamed to account
  • 3895 – Print barcode now work on ACL.
  • 3897 – Term Payment report improved
  • 3913 – Sale By activation will be sorted by dates
  • 3893 – Auto send alert enhanced on repair module
  • 3889 – Email header for End Day improves.
  • 3883 – Sending email format improved



  • 3891 - Repair Status message not applying to all repairs
  • 3927 - State and country are not saving on bill payment issue resolved
  • 3887 – Product History was not opening when balance is zero.
  • 3939 – Shortcut fix for double click on review transaction

We release updates to add feature requests, patch emergency hotfixes, make changes, and fix major bug issues. If anyone in your business/organization believes that there are issues or has suggestions that they believe are necessary, please give us a call at 347-391-2600. Not everything that our customers report to us are actual issues, and we are glad to show you how to use features properly. We are also glad to take down issues if they are critical! We thank you for being a part of our team!

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