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Version Release Notes



  • Watch Feature! - Add product to watch and track it more efficiently.
  • Shift Merged Feature – User can now join any running shift.
  • Store Grouping - the Multi-store owner can make store groups for better encapsulation.
  • Target Sale by category feature:- You can set sale target for all your category separately
  • Invoice reference is added at the time of sale
  • New right add - Can Edit Tax On Sale
  • Returning product condition is added
  • Multi-vendor create is now available
  • Signature pad is now also embedded with used phone and repair module
  • Repair list now have data of multi store
  • Cannot sell the product when item is not in stock feature has been added
  • Label toggle added for on-demand label printing.
  • Product List import now add quantity and cost price


  • Inventory count report is enhanced user now can view missing inventory in it
  • Change Indicator size has been increased
  • State ID is added to repair
  • Return policy due date will show message at the time of return
  • Repair or layaway refund, refund notes are now showing in review transaction
  • Many new multi reports have been added
  • Receipt now support formatting rules in the policy
  • Repair label printing scenario is improved
  • Time clock will ask for confirmation at delete
  • Layaway product name change on the go.
  • Repair part now automatically attach when its select on price list

Bug Fixes:-

  • If IMEI already exists in purchase do not allow to receive transfer for that same IMEI.
  • Key tag in report center fixed
  • Confirmation notification is added to pending invoice
  • The discount limit will work on invoice edit.
  • Accounts return are now reflecting on selected payment method.
  • Repair sorting on id now.
  • Cash Pickup time syncing fixed.
  • Address info and City is now updating at runtime on receipt.
  • Customer images are now working.
  • Email setting will now collapse when attaching on report center.
  • Boost Eligibility Fixed
  • Scrolling will not cause repair price to change
  • Packing slip is not showing on receipt
  • Combo Sale showing sale price as cost issue fixed
  • Time Clock delete will ask for confirmation
  • Purchase quantity indicator issue fixed
  • Bill Payment By provider merging all provider into default issue fixed

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