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Version Release Notes


  1. If user has pending transfers list open on two different registers, it will allow to receive transfer on both registers
  2. Unlocked improved
  3. Merchant copy and Customer receipt for Debit card transactions
  4. Refund and Exchange should show separately in transaction list
  5. Repair Bubbles for repair parts
  6. Tax By Category report
  7. RMA should not be income
  8. User policy added for used phone.
  9. Cross design fixed Vendors
  10. Epay cash mismatch when giving the discount.
  11. Edit option on repair status is not working/Edit option for Repiar issue is missing
  12. Repair Design improved
  13. Signature capture size fixed.
  14. Logout button on lock screen
  15. Customer GUI improved
  16. Discount limit now working
  17. Refunded bill payment is now showing in Bill Payment by Provider report
  18. Time syncing improved
  19. Customer name is added in Transaction report
  20. Spending column is added to Customer Phone Book
  21. Term printing black copy issue fixed
  22. Epay improved

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