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Version Release Notes



  1. The following report has ability for Multi-Store Report
  • Employee Sale By Category
  • Sale By Employee
  • Inventory- Daily Inventory Flow SnapShot
  • Sale By-Products
  • Profit & Loss By Date
  • Profit & Loss Detailed By Transaction
  • Standard Multi-Store Profit Loss
  • Bill Payment By Provider
  1. The wholesale Saleability added - user now can Purchase and sale it directly to the dashboard.  
  2. French Language support added (Beta)
  3. Credit Card Account Number Verification has been added
  4. Repair Note can be downloadable from Repair List
  5. Task Management has been re-added in software.
  6. Date and Time format have been changed into a simple format.

Improvement and Bug fixes:-

  1. Cash drawer restricting employees to ask for the admin permission on opening cash drawers without sales issue resolved.
  2. If “Show cost price” option is unchecked – user cannot see invoice total in the transfer made.
  3. Product name renaming to activation on every bill payment issue resolved.
  4. ePay PagePlus pin, not auto merge issue resolved
  5. Inactive user won’t show on time clock
  6. Layaway not showing IMEI Number on receipt.
  7. Tax report not subtracting discount issue resolved.
  8. Inventory adjustment showing on batch
  9. Product Edit HCI improve 

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