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Version Release Notes


Improvements & Bug Resolve

  • Transfer cost price is hidden on payment when show cost price option is unchecked
  • Cost price is showing zero on RMA issue fix for windows 7.
  • When editing a used item the POS is giving an error for some CSP's issue resolved
  • ePay integration for Page Plus the POS  doesn't copy the pin number issue resolved
  • Transfer Made button is working now.
  • Invoice sent by the whole seller would automatically create the product on the retail side on a purchase.
  • Used Item image can be now downloadable
  • Import product list now tells the user if a field is blank or missing data.
  • Coupon is printing on wizard setup now.
  • Massive security patch is added
  • Refunded transaction now cannot get deleted
  • Repair ticket payments are not being shown after delivering it (For Multi register User)
  • Label was printing blank for small barcode issue resolved
  • Used item will now show regional currency 

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