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Version Release Notes



  • After putting in a decade of work to facilitate our customers with their cellphone stores with CellSmart POS, We have now gone a step further into the world of Wholesale, The next big achievement that required a lot of work and planning. The product design and working environment is absolutely tailor-made for small and medium businesses.
  • RMA enhanced and improved for better customer experience.
  • Software Parameters are more optimized for security with more reliablity and flexibility.


  • All Reports are now improved and optimized for better understanding.
  • TransferView is now improved to set product status to available for Serialized.
  • Small Barcode are now printing properly.
  • To much ease for our customers, VidaPay Carrier is much improved.
  • Now customer can avail Repair Receipt in Spanish also.
  • Improvement in GUI Interface, Highly user-friendly and light color combination for eye smoothing.
  • Improvised Refund/Exchange, for customer usablity.
  • For better customer experience, Feedback is now imporved.
  • Setting panel is now much improvised for better usability.
  • Customers having Multi Stores will be using CellsmartPOS in more User-Friendly Environment.
  • Auto Fill on Epay is now working for Ultra Mobile
  • To expedite the customer experience,Sale Alert App is now improved.
  • All Exceptions are fixed in Epay Integration.
  • Payment Method for multi store owner is now improved.
  • Now Customer can create product without select default store...!
  • Force Update Parameters are now improved.
  • For customer’s better understanding, now Commission is to be allowed to be received after 0 days (immediately after sale).
  • Refund Customer search is now working properly


  • Vendor Duplicate issue on transfers is now fixed.
  • Naming issue in End Day report GUI is fixed.
  • Purchase Return qty is now fixed.
  • All wrong naming convention are now fixed.
  • All Glitches related to GUI are now fixed.
  • Cost price on repair is now fixed.
  • Issues with Inventory transfer are now fixed.
  • Bill Payment Reminder Issue is now fixed.
  • Many Unhandled Exceptions are fixed.
  • Time Clock right issue is now fixed.

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