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Version Release Notes


Release Note

1.    VidaPay Improved
a.    New option added for Re Grab
b.    Exception Removed for Transaction ID not Found.
c.    For Convenience, like sometime integrated UI not open, Option added in Right Click Menu.
2.    Epay will now work for Page Plus and Ultra Mobile.
3.    Vendor Duplicate issue on transfers fixed + Store List vendor are seperated from customer list. Now user can view them by clicking “Show Transfer Store” Option.
4.    Transferee doesn't set product status to available for Serialized if we Close view, is now fixed.
5.    Inventory count improved for some database.
6.    If user have more than 10 stores, Grid View is now improved for customer’s convenience.
7.    Whole Sale -  Purchase View button is now working properly, moreover, Morvever customer donot need to close the purchase list to see the changes.
8.    Software Update Parameters are more optimized for security with more reliablity and flexibility.
9.    UI for Batch Out has been improved along with nighlty batch subject match with internal amount.
10.    Small Barcode label Size is now fixed.
11.    For better use of software, script issue will now auto resolve.
12.    All Reports are now improved and optimized for better understanding.
13.    From now on, RMA Cash will not show on Sale.
14.    User Right enhanced, if Show Cost is unchecked, on purchase it will not show unit cost (if this option is enable then default payment is selected as previous).
15.    Sale Alert App, showing wrong message is now fixed.
16.    Cost Price on repair will not show if ShowCost Option is unchecked for Repair Parts.
17.    Bill Payment Reminder Cycle is now fixed for some customers.
18.    On Transfer, Customer can create product without select default store.

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