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Version Release Notes




Credit card Integration through DirectConnect. More payment options equal more business.

Email Service for new sale alerts has been introduced in this update for better customer experience.

The customer can now send MMS in Promotion Service.

A new minimum selling price limit has been added in commission.


Download button added on Payment Tab.

In Reports discount column added, so we have consistent information throughout the reports.

Terms Amount option is added in Basic Plan.

Standard Profit and Loss Report is modified for customer better experience.

In Promotion List filtering option added.

For customer facilitation, Day End can be print on Big Receipt to save small print paper.

To expedite customer’s expectation, Basic Plan is upgraded.

Quick Bookintegration for better usage.

Full Integration of Qpay.

Save Only No Payment Method Improved.

A new report for Batch Sale added for better customer experience.

User-Friendly Environment for the customer.

Customers having Multi Stores will be using CellsmartPOS in more User-Friendly Environment.

Print Button added in Task Management.

To expedite customer’s expectation Bill Payment Method Improved.

Product Barcode Scanning enhanced for better usage.

The text is more readable in discount and Coupon.

Coupon feature improved

Layaway receipt improved

Now Customer can restock used items.

Purchase detail improved

Improvement in GUI Interface, Highly user-friendly and light color combination for eye smoothing.

Sale By Activation Report enhanced.

Discount Category is now showing in commission template.

Boost Port Upgrade.

Promotion interface redesign for better facilitation.

Layaway invoices improved.

Merge Product upgraded.

Improvement in Inventory Transfer.



Unchecking Print  Receipt Option everytime is fixed.

Credit card Terminal is not found key Missing issue fixed.

Item not showing in repair receipt has been fixed.

Sale by Activation Report not showing previous month data is now working properly.

Promotion List is unable to copy and paste is now properly fixed.

Repair cost price sometimes does not update issue fixed.

Repair not saving additional Information issue fixed.

Target not matching fixed.

Dymo Printer issue resolved.

Different times in their layaway invoice is fixed.

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