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Version Release Notes

  • Update


    • Sold Phones in Inventory: Sold phones are now correctly displayed in the inventory.

    • Bill Payment Cost Price: The issue causing incorrect cost price to display when the user selects a percentage in bill payment has been resolved.

    • Language Key Additions: Many missing language keys have been added to enhance readability.

    • Refund Item Name: The item name in the refund process is now displayed correctly.

    • Payee Name Duplication: To ensure software integrity, payee names can no longer be duplicated.

    • Barcode Missing Item: The issue related to missing items when using barcodes has been fixed for improved usage.

    • Additional Information Saving: Products now correctly save additional information that was previously not saving.

    • Receipt Register: Receipts will now display the correct register in all cases.

    • Sale Quotation Exception: Exception handling has been implemented to address issues related to sale quotations.

    • Stock Sync Issue: The stock synchronization issue affecting product balance has been resolved.

    • Employee Delete Right: The issue concerning employee delete rights has been fixed.

    • Restock for Used Items: Restocking now works as expected for used items.

    • TimeClock Dropdown: The dropdown menu in TimeClock has been fixed for improved usability.

    These improvements aim to enhance the overall functionality, accuracy, and usability of the software, addressing various issues and providing a better experience for users. Thank you for your continued support and feedback.

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