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Version Release Notes

  • Update

    In our continuous effort to meet customer expectations and provide an enhanced experience, we are pleased to introduce several new features and improvements:

    New Features:

    • Spanish Language Support: To better serve our Spanish-speaking customers, our software is now available in Spanish.

    • Save Only, No Payment: We've added a "Save Only, No Payment" button, allowing customers to save information without processing a bill payment, making it convenient for future use.

    • Unlimited Barcodes: The barcode limit has been removed from the product list, enabling customers to add unlimited barcodes to their products.

    • Improved Bill Payment Report: Enhancements have been made to the Bill Payment report for improved customer convenience.

    • Database Security: We've enhanced database security to ensure the safety of your data.

    • Refund Screen: The refund screen has been improved for a smoother experience.

    • Spanish Reports and Receipts: Reports and receipts are now available in Spanish, allowing employees to print documents in Spanish to better assist customers.

    • Boost Activation and Integration: Boost activation and integration have been enhanced to streamline customer usage.

    • IMEI Number in RMA Receipts: We've added the IMEI number to RMA receipts to improve customer understanding and assistance.

    • Tax Inclusion in Repair: Tax is now included in repair transactions, simplifying the process for customers.

    • Minor GUI Fixes: Various minor graphical user interface improvements have been implemented to enhance the overall user experience.

    • Inventory Count Barcode Issue: The issue of inventory count not showing barcodes has been resolved.

    • Commission Issue: A minor commission-related issue has been fixed to improve customer satisfaction.

    • Refund Discount Negativity: The issue causing negativity in discount on refunds has been resolved.

    • Profit and Loss Report: Point system adjustments will no longer affect the Profit and Loss Report.

    These updates are designed to provide our customers with a more efficient, user-friendly, and multilingual experience while addressing various issues and ensuring data security. Thank you for your continued support and feedback.

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