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Version Release Notes

Update Change Log - Version

Improvements & Enhancements:

  • Bill Payment Reminder Enhancement: Improved the Bill Payment Reminder for enhanced customer usability.

  • Editable Due Dates: Customers can now edit the due dates of bill payments, providing greater flexibility.

  • Boost Integration Improvement: Boost Integration has been refined based on customer feedback.

  • Boost Upgrade Login Screen: Redesigned the Boost Upgrade login screen for a more customer-friendly payment experience.

  • Plans & Add-ons Enhancement: Plans & Add-ons have undergone significant improvements to enhance customer usability.

  • RMA Category Enhancement: RMA Category has been modified to make it easier for customers to use.

  • Discount Column Addition: Added a discount column to the Day End / Batch Out Report, providing employees with a comprehensive report at the end of the day.

  • Notepad Scroll for Customer Ease: Added a scroll feature to the notepad for customer convenience.

  • Sale Check Modification: Modified and improved the Sale Check feature to align with customer usage patterns.

  • GUI Interface Improvement: Enhanced the GUI interface with a highly user-friendly and soothing light color combination.

  • Regional Settings Enhancement: Improved regional settings and modified currency localization for better user experience.

  • Light Report & Light Settings Enhancement: Enhanced Light Report and Light Settings for improved functionality.

  • Key Tag Search Tab Improvement: Improved the Key Tag Search Tab for a smoother customer experience.

  • Phone Number in Layaway List: Added phone numbers to the Layaway List column, allowing customers to see layaway details in one row.

  • Email Security Enhancement: Improved email security measures.

  • Spiff Calculations Enhancement: Modified and enhanced Spiff calculations for better customer facilitation.

Bug Fixes:

  • Bill Payment Username and Password Fix: Resolved the issue where Bill Payment usernames and passwords were not functioning correctly.

  • Payment on Hold Issue Resolution: Fixed the Payment on Hold issue.

  • Epay Integration Exceptions Fix: Addressed exceptions in Epay Integration.

  • Bill Payment Notifications Triggers Update: Updated triggers in Bill Payment Notifications.

  • Receipts Issue Resolution in Plans & Add-ons: Fixed issues related to receipts in Plans & Add-ons.

  • Repair Category Minor Issues Fix: Resolved minor issues in the Repair Category.

  • Store Names Update Functionality Fix: Fixed the functionality related to updating store names.

  • Employee Sales Report Fix: Addressed issues in the Employee Sales Report.

  • Hide Cost Price Issues Resolution: Fixed issues related to hiding cost prices.

  • Delete/Undelete & Edit Buttons Dependency Fix: Corrected dependencies for the Delete/Undelete and Edit buttons.

  • Prefetch Print Issue Fix in SPIFF: Resolved the prefetch print issue in SPIFF.

These enhancements and bug fixes aim to provide a smoother and more reliable experience for our users. Thank you for your continued support and feedback.

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