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Version Release Notes

  • Update Change Log - Version

    Improvements & Enhancements:

    • Bill Payment Reminder Enhancement: We've improved the Bill Payment Reminder for a more user-friendly experience.

    • Editable Due Dates: Users can now easily edit the due dates for their bill payments, enhancing flexibility and control.

    • Boost Integration Enhancement: We've refined Boost Integration based on valuable customer feedback.

    • Boost Upgrade Login Screen: We've redesigned the login screen for Boost Up gradation, making it more user-friendly for payment processing.

    • Enhanced Plans & Add-ons: We've made significant improvements to Plans & Add-ons for enhanced usability.

    • RMA Category Enhancement: The RMA Category has been modified to provide a smoother experience for our customers.

    • Discount Column Addition: A discount column has been added to the Day End / Batch out Report, providing employees with a comprehensive report at the end of the day.

    • Notepad Scroll: For customer convenience, we've added a scroll feature to the notepad.

    • Sale Check Modification: We've made improvements to the Sale Check feature to align it with customer usage patterns.

    • User-Friendly GUI Interface: Our GUI interface has been enhanced with a highly user-friendly and eye-soothing light color combination.

    • Regional Settings and Localization: We've enhanced regional settings and modified currency localization for improved user experience.

    • Light Report & Light Settings Enhancement: Light Report and Light Settings have been improved for better performance.

    • Key Tag Search Tab Improvement: The Key Tag Search Tab has been improved to provide a more seamless customer experience.

    • Phone Number in Layaway List: Customers can now view layaway details in a single row with the addition of phone numbers in the Layaway List column.

    • Email Security Improvement: We've enhanced email security for increased protection.

    • Spiff Calculations Enhancement: Spiff calculations have been modified and improved to better serve our customers.

    Bug Fixes:

    • Bill Payment Login Fix: Bill Payment username and password issues have been resolved.

    • Payment on Hold Issue: The Payment on Hold issue has been fixed.

    • Epay Integration Exceptions: Exceptions in Epay Integration have been addressed.

    • Bill Payment Notifications Triggers: Triggers in Bill Payment Notifications have been updated.

    • Receipt Issues in Plans & Add-ons: Receipt issues in Plans & Add-ons have been rectified.

    • Repair Category Minor Issues: Minor issues in the Repair Category have been fixed.

    • Store Names Update Fix: Functionality for updating store names is now working correctly.

    • Employee Sales Report Fix: Issues with the Employee Sales Report have been resolved.

    • Hide Cost Price Issue: The Hide Cost Price issue has been fixed.

    • Delete/Undelete & Edit Button Dependency Fix: Dependencies for the Delete/Undelete and Edit buttons have been corrected.

    • Prefetch Print Issue in SPIFF: A prefetch print issue in SPIFF has been resolved.

    We hope these enhancements and bug fixes enhance your overall experience with CellSmart POS. Thank you for your valuable feedback and continued support.

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