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Version Release Notes


Changelog - Patch Note:

  • Improved Report: Quantity Difference issue has been fixed for serialized inventory, ensuring accurate reporting.

  • HCI Improvement: To enhance usability in the Repair Task Tab, a Date Stamp has been added.

  • Boost Eligibility: Eligibility criteria for Boost have been improved, benefitting our high-valued customers.

  • Used Transfer Enhancement: For our valued customers, Used transfers can now be done by IMEI and UU Code, providing more flexibility.

  • Commissions: Commissions are now functioning for Plans and Addons.

  • Light Settings: Discounts are now correctly reflecting in Light settings.

  • Repair Log: The issue where Repair Logs were not displaying in some stores has been resolved.

  • Unused Settings Removed: Unused settings have been removed from the software, streamlining the interface.

  • Epay Minor Issues: Minor issues related to Epay have been fixed, improving overall usability.

These updates aim to enhance the software's functionality, accuracy, and user-friendliness while addressing specific issues for a better customer experience. Thank you for your continued support and feedback.

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