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Version Release Notes


Change Log

New Features:

  1. Repair SMS: This feature introduces SMS/Messaging capabilities to keep customers updated about the status of their repaired products.

  2. Discount/Coupon: Customers can now enjoy discounts and coupons, enhancing their shopping experience.

  3. Multi-Store Fetch: Valued customers with multiple stores can now access data from all their stores within a single store, including Layaway Lists and Repair Lists.


  • Database Major Enhancement: Significant improvements have been made to the database.

  • GUI Interface: The user interface has been enhanced for a more user-friendly experience, featuring a light color combination for comfortable viewing.

  • Commission Template: Improvements have been made to commission templates.

  • Plan Management: Plan management has been enhanced.

  • Report Centre Redesign: The Report Centre has been redesigned for improved usability.

  • Repair Alert Text: The repair alert text has been improved.

  • Basic Plan Feature: Basic plan features have been enhanced.

  • Customer List: The customer list has received improvements.

  • Email Settings: Email settings have been improved.

  • Return to Vendor: Enhancements have been made to the return-to-vendor feature.

  • Boost Validation: Boost validation has been improved.

  • Store Credit List: The store credit list has been enhanced.

  • Regional Settings: Regional settings have been improved.

Bug Fixes:

Numerous bug fixes have been implemented to enhance the overall stability and functionality of the software. These fixes cover a wide range of areas, including database issues, usability, performance, and user interface problems. These fixes aim to provide a smoother and more reliable user experience.

Thank you for your ongoing support and feedback.

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