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Version Release Notes


New Features:

  • Revamped User Interface: The user interface has undergone a comprehensive overhaul for a more modern and intuitive look.
  • New Dashboard: We've introduced an easy-to-use dashboard that provides live store statistics at a glance.
  • Multi-store Reports: Numerous reports are now available for multi-store management.
  • Product Multistore Enhancement: Product management is enhanced with a SKU/UPC generator.
  • Enhanced Credit Card Usability: The credit card system features a new design for improved usability.
  • Expanded Task Management: Task management now includes additional features to boost productivity.
  • Database Security: Significant security improvements have been made to the database, including optimized queries.
  • Multiple Data Backup Servers: We've added multiple data backup servers to enhance data security.
  • Online Bill Payments: Users can now make online bill payments directly through a web URL browser.
  • Rebate from Clear Payment: Rebates can now be processed directly from the Clear Payment feature.
  • Autopopulated Plans & AddOns: Plans and AddOns can now be autopopulated for convenience.
  • New Report: A new report, "Product by Balances," has been added.
  • Repair Receipt Improvements: Major enhancements have been made to repair receipts.

Bug Fixes & Improvements:

  • Faster Receipt Printing: Receipt printing speed has been increased by 50%.
  • Promotion Feature Enhancement: The promotion feature has been fixed and improved.
  • Emailing System: An emailing system for reporting has been implemented.
  • End Day Report: The End Day report has been fixed and improved.
  • Task Management Notifications: SMS and email notifications in Task Management have been enhanced.
  • Spiff Issues: Spiff-related issues have been resolved.
  • Animation Performance: Saving/loading animations now perform better.
  • Sale Alert: Sale alerts have been improved.
  • List Refresh Fixes: Various list refresh issues have been addressed.
  • Employee Performance: Employee performance-related issues have been fixed.
  • Logical Checks: Many logical checks have been added.
  • Light Setting Issue: Light setting issues have been resolved.
  • Tax Display: Tax display issues have been fixed, including tax showing in the tax by month report when turned off.
  • Tax Logic: Major and minor tax logic issues have been resolved.
  • Store Credit: Store credit issues have been fixed.
  • Deleted Purchase: Problems related to deleted purchases have been resolved.
  • Term Issues: Issues with terms have been fixed.
  • Report Center: Over 20 report-related issues in the Report Center have been fixed.
  • Online E-Payment Logic: Logic related to online E-payments has been improved.
  • Unhandled Exceptions: Numerous unhandled exceptions have been addressed.
  • Blank Receipts: Issues with blank receipts appearing have been fixed.
  • Last Sale by Customer: The last sale by customer information has been added to the Customer List - Transaction.
  • Customer Balance: Customer balance issues have been fixed.
  • Known Issue Screen: The switch for the Known Issue screen is now functioning correctly.
  • Customer Screen Information: Customer screen information now syncs properly from the register.
  • Validation: Many validations have been added for data integrity.
  • Repair Price List: Repair price lists are now synchronized correctly.
  • Commission: Commission-related issues have been fixed.
  • Sale Summary by Employee: Sale summary by employee now correctly handles refunds from other transactions.
  • Used Item Issues: Numerous issues related to used items have been resolved.
  • Quick Tax Feature: The Quick Tax feature is now operational.
  • Plans, AddOns & Repair Database: Database exceptions related to plans, AddOns, and repairs have been fixed.
  • Over 116 Bug Fixes and Customer Request Improvements: More than 116 bugs and customer requests have been addressed, contributing to the overall enhancement of this new version.

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