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Version Release Notes

  1. Update Customer-Side Catalog Changes - Version

    New Features:

    • Internet Status: Check your internet connectivity status.

    • End Day Receipt Enhancement: The End Day Receipt now displays the remaining cash in the register.

    • Windows 10 Capability Improvement: Improved compatibility with Windows 10.

    • Credit Card Totals: View credit card totals by shift or batch.

    Performance Optimization & Stability Enhancements:

    • Application Startup & Main Register Optimization: Faster application startup and optimized main register.

    • Tax Invoice Optimization: Improved performance of tax invoices.

    • Print Response Time Increase: Reduced print response time.


    • Task Management Flyout Improvement: Enhanced the Task Management Flyout.

    • Hint Text: Added hint text to notifications for better clarity.

    • Permission Overhaul: Permissions have been overhauled for users with no rights.

    • Serialized Inventory Subcategories: Available serialized inventory now includes subcategories.

    • Closed Repair Payments: View closed repair payments.

    • Customer Address on Invoice: Customer address is now included on invoices.

    • Cash Pickup Enhancement: Cash pickup no longer deletes cash from previous shifts.

    • Payee Email Validation: Added email validation for payees.

    • Store List Buttons Improvement: Improved buttons in the store list.

    Bug Fixes:

    • In-Stock Used Items: In-stock used items are now functioning correctly.

    • Feedback Issue: Fixed feedback-related issues.

    • Customer Delete Invoice: Customer delete invoice no longer appears.

    • Restocking Fee Display: Restocking fees are now displayed correctly.

    • Sale by Employee Report Fix: The Sale by Employee Report has been fixed.

    • Detailed Profit and Loss Report: Subcategories are now displayed correctly.

    • Last User Role Change: The last user can no longer change roles.

    • Exchange and Refund Error Fix: Exchange and refund errors during checkout have been resolved.

    • Repair Display on Order Inventory: Repairs are now correctly displayed on order inventory.

    • Vendor Open Invoice: Fixed issues related to vendor open invoices (not applied to previous open invoices).

    • Email Issue Resolution: Resolved email-related problems.

    • Reports Right-Click Functionality: Fixed right-click functionality in all reports.

    • Layaway Reopen: Layaway reopening is now functioning correctly.

    • Employee Commission Report Filter: The employee commission report filter has been fixed.

    • Serialized Search Printer: Serialized search now uses the correct printer for printing.

    • Repair Loophole Fix: Closed a repair-related loophole.

    • Refund Quantity Correction: Corrected refund quantity issues.

    • Split Credit Card by Register: Splitting credit cards by register is now fixed.

    • Commission Saving on Zero: The Commission will no longer save on zero.

    • Activation Report Duplication: Resolved duplication issues in the activation report.

    • Store Credit Negativity: Store credit will no longer go into the negative.

    • Bill Payment Reminder Subject: Added the missing subject in the bill payment reminder.

    • Commission Closed Button Theme: Added the missing theme for the commission closed button.

    • Smart Note Missing Icon: Added the missing icon for Smart Notes.

    Thank you for your patience and feedback. These changes aim to improve your experience with CellSmart POS

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