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Version Release Notes

Update Customer-Side Change Catalog - Version

New Features:

  • Send Promotion: You can now send promotions to customers.

  • Controlled Manual Update: Enhanced control over manual updates.

  • Enhanced Send Promotion: Improved functionality for sending promotions.

  • Task Management Flyaway (Improved): Significant improvements have been made to the Task Management Flyaway.

  • Signal Meter: A new signal meter feature has been added.

Performance and Stability Enhancements:

  • Session Performance Optimization: Improved session performance.

  • Reduced Database Disconnection Errors: Fewer database disconnection errors due to the new session layer.

  • Back-End Optimization: Enhanced performance through back-end optimization.

  • Script Optimization: Scripts have been optimized for improved efficiency.

  • MySQL Server Crashes Fixed: Resolved crashes related to the MySQL server.

Epayment Enhancements:

  • Receipt Issue Resolution: Solved receipt issues in Epayment and enhanced related features.

  • Comprehensive Feature Overhaul: Completely overhauled multiple features.

Optimizations and Bug Fixes:

  • Return to Vendor Optimization: Optimized the return to vendor functionality for open invoices.

  • Tax Duplication Fixed: Resolved issues related to tax duplication.

  • Manage Provider Print Exception Fix: Fixed exceptions related to managing provider prints.

  • Target Algorithm Fix: Ensured that the value does not exceed 100% in the target algorithm.

  • Migrated Receipts: Migrated receipts will now work correctly.

  • Manage Category Relocation: Manage Category has been shifted to the inventory submenu.

  • Repair Category Display: Repair Category will now only show repair devices.

  • Refund Impact on Customer Profile: Refunds will now affect the customer profile and be mentioned in the email report.

  • Enhanced Repair Status Management: Made repair status management more meaningful.

  • Report Schedule Search Fix: Fixed issues with the Report Schedule search.

  • Used Item Product Status: Corrected the product status for used items.

  • Clock Report Fix: Resolved issues with the Clock Report.

  • Many Receipt Issues Fixed: Addressed numerous receipt-related issues.

GUI Enhancements and Fixes:

  • Responsive Screen: The screen is now more responsive.

  • GUI Enhancements: Numerous graphical user interface (GUI) enhancements have been made.

  • Employee List GUI Issue Fix: Fixed GUI issues in the Employee List.

  • Front-End Minor Issue Fixes: Addressed minor issues on the front end.

Thank you for your feedback, and we hope these changes contribute to an improved experience with CellSmart POS.

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