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Version 3.1.93 Release Notes


Customer Side Change Catalog


  1. New feature added Send Promotion

    1. SPIFF

    2. Send Promotion

    3. Task Management Fly away

  2. New feature added Camera Integration into major modules

    1. Used Item

    2. Repair Item

    3. Purchase

    4. Customer Module

  3. Session performance optimized & stability enhancement

    1. Less database disconnection Error due new session layer

    2. Back End optimized

    3. And Many more

  4. Sale Quotes code is now more optimized

    1. Performance enhancement

  5. Edit Button is added in Store List, Customer List and Vendor List

    1. User Usability increased

  6. Plan Management is more User friendly

    1. Auto selection added to carrier so user error can be avoided

    2. Bug Fixed

  7. Commission is now more user friendly

    1. Indication On Commission added

    2. Bug Fixed

  8. Completely new overhaul of features

    1. Used Item

    2. Purchased

    3. Repair

    4. Task Management

    5. Customer Shortcuts

    6. Return to vendor now optimized on open invoices

  9. Bug Fixed

    1. User cannot delete themself & Nor can inactivate himself (If he/she is the last user left)

    2. Major duplication fixes

    3. Walkthrough page loading fixed

    4. Major Exception Handling added

    5. Report Major and minor bug are fixed

    6. Thermal printer selection fixed

    7. Order inventory is now working fine

    8. Transfer module is working fine

    9. Light Setting Fixed

    10. Many Minor bug fixed

    11. Tax duplication fixed

    12. Manage Provider Print Exception Fixed

    13. Target Algorithm Fixed value will not go above 100%

    14. Migrated Receipt will be working

    15. Manage Category is shifted to inventory sub menu

    16. Repair Category showing delete repair device

    17. Repair Will show only repair device

    18. Refund will also effect on customer profile

    19. Refund will be mention in email report

    20. Repair status management is now more meaningful

    21. Report Schedule search is now fixed

    22. Used item product status fixed

  10. GUI Fixes

    1. Seven theme removed

    2. Screen is now more responsive

    3. And many GUI enhancement

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