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Version 3.1.89 Release Notes


1. ePay Bill Payment:

  • Fixed minor bugs.

2. Repair:

  • Repair Refund: Introduced a repair refund feature.
  • Move Price List: Moved the price list to another tab.
  • Added Report Notes: Included report notes on the first screen.
  • Custom Repair Status: Users can now create their own repair status.
  • Additional Repair Types: Added the ability to include multiple repair types.
  • Repair Logs: Included repair logs to track changes made to repairs.
  • Filter by Repair Status: Users can filter repair lists by repair status.
  • Repair Management Button: Added a repair management button.
  • Instant Report View: Included an instant report view.

3. Report Center:

  • Replaced Report Center: Replaced the report center.
  • Search Feature: Added a search feature.
  • Frequently Run Reports: Now users can frequently run reports by employee, by business, and view the top 10 reports by Cell Smarter.

4. Payment Method:

  • Payment Method Deletion: Users can now delete payment methods.

5. Payee List:

  • Access Rights: Hid Cash Pickup and Expenses History for users who don't have the appropriate rights.


  • Quote Function: Added the ability to create quotes during checkout, save them by customer name, and view them later.
  • Receipt Printing: Quotes will now print receipts.

7. Batch Pickup List:

  • Instant Report View: Shows an instant report view.

8. Commission:

  • Custom Date Selection: Users can now select any period date for commission calculations.

9. Employee Performance:

  • Screen Size Fix: Fixed screen size issues.

10. Product List: - Visual Indicators: Added a red line to indicate deleted products and a black line for inactive products.

11. Transaction: - Show Deleted Transactions: Added a checkmark to show deleted transactions. - Transaction View: Allows users to show/hide deleted invoices.

12. Home Screen: - Complete Redesign: Redesigned the entire home screen.

13. Unlock: - Redesigned Unlock View: Redesigned the unlock view for a better search experience. - Enhanced Phone Search: Introduced an improved way to search for unlocked phones.

14. Credit Card: - Debit Refund Fix: Fixed issues related to debit refunds.

15. Dashboard: - Dashboard View Change: Made changes to the dashboard view.

16. Deleted Item: - Instant Report View: Added instant report view in all tabs. - Edited Invoice Tab: Added an edited invoice tab to view edited invoices.

17. Bill Payment: - Deleted Payments: Users can now see deleted payments in their payment history.

18. Promotion: - Character Limit Increase: Increased the character limit for promotions to 160 characters. - Reminder for Address and Phone: Added a reminder for including address and phone details while sending promotions.

19. Related Reports: - Employee List: Employee list view now includes a report button. - Transfer Made: Added transfer made report. - Repair List: Added repair list report. - Layaway List: Added layaway list report.

20. Layaway: - Instant Report View: Added instant report view. - Reopening Layaway Cases: Users can now reopen layaway cases.

These updates bring a range of new features, improvements, and bug fixes to enhance the overall user experience. Thank you for your continued support and feedback.

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