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Version 3.1.82 Release Notes


Some changes to look forward to in the new version:


Employee Commission:

  • The total commission of an employee earned now shows under the check box. Also updated the value to the decimal system as the floating value wasn’t working well.
  • In the Commission panel, you have the payee's at the bottom. Fixed the 'Create New Payee' button.
  • When selecting the next person for payee commission, the previous person used to still show on the list. It now clears the previous person when we select the next one.
  • Updated the Commissions panel when you hit on the person's name is says 'Select Payee' but there's a new payee button which is hidden, this issue has now been resolved.
  • Added a 'Voided Commission' icon.
  • In the Commissions tab when we click on the view button, the invoice now opens on the side panel.
  • Updated the commission on 0 day pickup.


  • The reports names on the side are now in alphabetical order.
  • Updated the Reports - Sale by Employee, and the employee report.
  • Home screen month selection option updated.


  • Invoices now Preview in Deleted Items.


  • Updated the Deliver button in edit repair, it now does the delivery.
  • The system now asks for a password when creating a repair regardless of the amount of the transaction.


  • Fixed the Payee issue.

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