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Version 3.1.78 Release Notes


Some changes to look forward to in the new version:


Admin Tools

  • Updated the Clock design.
  • More email options added for the report.
  • Employee Rights Group Check Box updated.
  • Date/Period Selector added to the List View.
  • Edited the Store Credit button, you can now check this easily while checking your Transfer.
  • User List edited, you can now deactivate users in a more user friendly platform.
  • Store Policy updated.
  • Cash Register edited, this will now show you the register.
  • Inactive mode edited for your convenience.


  • Updated the repair need delivery button.
  • New Repair edited, you now have the option to enter repair parts.


  • All transactions made by the customer will now be shown in the report.
  • Removed the New Button From Deleted List.


  • Added serial number column when transferring.
  • Fixed Cost Rate added for Service Items.
  • Invoice View added for the Purchase List.
  • Updated the Invoice Preview In Search IMEI Number.


  • Commission on 0 day removed, it now begins from Day 1.
  • Commission amount edited after discount amount.


  • Invoice Preview now added on Transaction.
  • Refund process streamlined for your ease, you can now process a refund when you don’t have cash in your register and it will ask you if you are sure you want to go ahead with the request.
  • Shift Column added in Transaction.

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