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Version 3.1.73 Release Notes



  • Edit Existing Repair: Now, there is a separate button to edit existing repair records, improving repair management.

  • Store Name on Repair Label: Repair labels now include the store name for better identification.

  • Hide Repair Price: Users can choose to hide the repair price on the label for added flexibility.

  • Tax Inclusion in Outside Repair: An issue where tax was incorrectly included in outside repair has been fixed.

  • Alternative Number: Users can now save and retrieve alternative contact numbers for better customer communication.


  • P/L Report: The Profit and Loss Report previously counted discounts in the sold price, but this issue has been fixed for accurate reporting.

  • Nightly Email Format: The format of nightly emails has been fixed for consistency and clarity.

Shift Closing:

  • The payment count has been changed from being based on shifts to being based on batches for more precise tracking.


  • The introduction of the CellSmart POS fingerprint reader allows for secure employee authentication during clock-in and clock-out. Interested users can contact the company to obtain this device.

Credit Card Integration:

  • Debit and credit card integration is now available in CellSmart POS, streamlining payment processing with a single receipt. Users interested in this feature can find more information by clicking on the banner above the chat on the dashboard.

Signature Capture:

  • CellSmart POS now supports signature capture. For more details, users can contact the company.

Product List:

  • The product list now includes a main category button, making it easier to filter and navigate main categories.

Group List:

  • A group list has been introduced, enhancing product categorization and organization.

These updates aim to improve repair management, reporting accuracy, security, and payment processing while providing enhanced features for users. Thank you for your continued support and feedback.

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