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Version 3.1.68 Release Notes

Update 3.1.68 Release Notes:


  • Tax Bug Fix: Resolved a bug in the repair process that affected tax calculations when using inventory.

  • Commission Template List: The commission template list now displays categories, making it easier to navigate and manage commissions.

  • Return To Vendor Form: Fixed a bug that allowed the "Return To Vendor" form to be opened multiple times.

  • Transferee Stores Window: Completely overhauled the Transferee Stores window for a more user-friendly and intuitive experience.

  • Friendly Stores: You can now add Friendly Stores for selling items, enhancing your store management capabilities.

  • Account Transfers: Enabled the settlement of transfers made on accounts, streamlining your financial operations.

  • Product Average Cost Price: Addressed an issue related to the calculation of the average cost price for new products.

  • Unlock Screen Bug: Resolved a bug related to the unlock screen, ensuring a smoother and bug-free user experience.

We hope these improvements enhance your software usage. Thank you for choosing CellSmart POS!

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