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Version 3.1.66 Release Notes

Version 3.1.66 Release Notes:

Bill Payment:

  • Clear All Payments: A new feature has been added that allows users to clear all payments with a single click.
  • Enhanced Key Tags: Now, users can add key tags for new customers and enjoy auto-fill functionality for carrier and phone number fields.

Cash Pickup:

  • Redesigned Interface: The cash pickup screen has been completely redesigned for a more user-friendly experience.
  • Create New Payee: Added a convenient "Create New Payee" button at the top for quicker access.
  • Visual Improvements: Enhanced color schemes, a new payee note box, and improved font size for better readability.

Bulletin Screen:

  • Check Box Style: Checkbox style has been updated for a more modern and appealing look.
  • Repair Redesign: The repair screen has undergone significant changes, including the addition of a repair payment system and a "Repair Deliver" button in the repair list view.
  • Streamlined Closing: Removed three ways of closing repairs, replacing them with a new, efficient one-way method.
  • Improved UI: The look of the loaner phone button has been updated, a tab system has been added to the repair view, and a repair issue/price list is now available.

Layaway List View:

  • Button Replacement: Replaced buttons for a cleaner appearance.
  • Customer List Import: Resolved minor bugs related to importing customer lists not displaying in bill payment.

Profit & Loss Report:

  • Tax Amount Label: Added a tax amount label and value to the report, eliminating the need to calculate tax separately.

Tax Report:

  • Nontaxable Sale: Now includes nontaxable sale amounts.

Performance Improvements:

  • Fast-loading Welcome Screen: Experience quicker loading times.
  • Epay Integration: Fixed auto amount replacement issues.

Expenses Screen:

  • Redesign: Similar to the cash pickup screen, the expenses screen has been revamped for a more intuitive design.
  • Create New Payee: Added a "Create New Payee" button at the top.
  • Visual Updates: Changed colors and font sizes for a more pleasant user experience.


  • Minor Bug Fix: Addressed a minor bug.

Used Item Reports:

  • Navigation: Implemented a click functionality for navigating to the source of the item.
  • Date Range Selector: Users can now specify date ranges for generating reports.
  • Improved Spacing: Increased spacing between data for better readability.
  • Tab Index System: Added a tab index system for easier navigation.
  • Font Size: Adjusted font size for consistency.

Reports Header:

  • Branding: Replaced the CellSmart POS logo across all reports.

Day End Report:

  • Window Size: Resolved issues with window sizing.
  • Clock In/Out: Added a "Clock In/Out" section to the report, which includes working hours and pay for the day.
  • Minor Bug Fixes: Addressed minor bugs in this report.


  • Employee Role Management: Added the ability to manage employee roles.
  • Redesigned Employee Role Template:
  • Password Selector: Improved user experience by enabling selection with arrow keys.


  • Textbox Background: Changed the background color of textboxes for most themes.

Thank you for choosing CellSmart POS, and we hope these updates enhance your experience!

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