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Qpay Integration


With Qpay integration, you can now directly pay MetroPCS bills through the Qpay portal inside of the CellSmart POS. This will in turn create a more efficient check out process in terms of taking MetroPCS payments.


  1. Click on Admin Tools.
  2. Click on Settings(Top Half)
  3. Click on Integration
  4. Click on Qpay Settings
  5. Click on Setting
  6. Select the Provider in which you would like the payments to register under. (Qpay/etc)
  7. Select the MetroPCS Carrier that you have set up inside of the software, then click save.  

Processing a Payment:

  1. Click on Payment.
  2. Click on Qpay Payment
  3. If prompted, enter your log in credentials.
  4. Enter the customer's phone number.
  5. Select the service that you will be providing them. (i.e, payment, activation,etc)
  6. Enter in the Bill Amount
  7. Click on check out.
  8. Click on save, and a receipt will print.

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